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We are building our team so we can provide greater support to our customers and deliver the tools they need to reduce emissions. We have an opening for a Structural Engineer - Product Lead. 

As a start up we are looking for individuals who share our passion for improving design quality through innovation, who can help us grow our client base and share in the rewards this brings.

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Know your options, halve your carbon 

PANDA doesn’t just measure embodied carbon, it helps you reduce it. PANDA  is a carbon reduction tool used by building designers during the early stages of their project. It is the only software package available which generates structural design solutions from scratch. 

With PANDA you will know all of the feasible design options so you can explore the best ones for exceptional low carbon design capability.

At Structural PANDA we aim to reduce the embodied carbon from the early stage scheme design. We strive to support our customers to lock in large carbon savings early when they are still possible. With PANDA, our customers increase their productivity and competitive advantage by freeing engineering time to tailor bespoke low carbon and cost effective solutions. 


What can PANDA save? 

Research has shown that 50% of embodied emissions and 20% of costs from multi-storey buildings could be prevented through better early-stage design decisions. PANDA computes 1000’s of code compliant design options in minutes and assesses the cost and carbon impact of each one. With this information, our customers can maximise their productivity, selecting and developing options with less embodied carbon, saving time and money compared with manually generating each scheme. 

Reduction in structural frame emissions 

Reduction in structural frame cost 

Design time saved in scheme exploration

PANDA is used by climate conscious designers 

PANDA is rapidly becoming the 'go to' software for environmentally aware building designers who look to minimise their climate impact. 

“PANDA is a game-changing software package that has allowed us to explore thousands of structural options quickly and present low embodied carbon, cost-effective designs to our clients.”

Alexander Richards, Hydrock

"We promote PANDA in all of our tender submissions. It has been cited by clients as one of the reasons our tender has been successful, so PANDA has definitely opened doors for us."

Ian Flewitt, Price & Myers

How does PANDA work?

Define your brief

Input information on your project such as: basic layout geometry, soil type, loading and layout requirements. PANDA doesn't need a detailed design to work, the broader your design space the more options PANDA will generate. 

Run the analysis

PANDA will take your brief and generate 1000’s of viable design options suitable for your input parameters. The cost and carbon of each result is displayed on a graph. Reports con be downloaded to provide every detail of each design.  

Select the best result

No computer can replace the design team, PANDA provides information to help the user understand the impact of key design decisions. Since PANDA is very fast, the design team can evaluate the results in a live collaborative session, using filters to select the best design schemes. 

Access complete cost, carbon and component libraries… or create your own bespoke options 

Choose from our product libraries, cost data from our cost consultant  Gardiner and Theobald and LCA data based on the ICE database, Institute of Structural Engineers guidance and research from the University of Cambridge.   

Alternatively, if you have your own data, we can help you build a bespoke model using your own component libraries, LCA models and cost models. 

Is PANDA just an LCA calculator? 

No,  PANDA does calculate carbon - but that's not what makes it special. 

You can reduce your carbon with LCA calculators, but this analysis takes a long time and doesn’t always reveal the best designs. Only PANDA can quickly calculate all of the options finding the lowest carbon design options. 

LCA calculator tools can check the carbon impact of your design, but most designers only have enough time to check three or four different design options. In reality there are 1000’s of possible design options, so good designs are often overlooked. 

PANDA only needs a rough sketch of the design. From a range of parameters the user sets, it generates all of the possible solutions to make sure you start your design process understanding which are the lowest carbon solutions.

Want to try PANDA?

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